After extensive research I found that since most criticism of Don Quixote focuses on how Cervantes’ autobiography sheds light on the book; how Spanish literature relates to the book; how other books resemble or differ from Don Quixote; or a combination of these three facets, an area yet to be explored, I found, is what the book means itself exclusively. This is why I analyze the contents of Don Quixote in great detail, unraveling, in layers, the complex themes and messages contained therein, absent the usual biographical discussion, comparative analyses, linguistic criticism, literary theory, or references to Spanish literature. Hence, by utilizing extensive library research, citing indisputable facts from the original book, and drawing logical inferences therefrom Don Quixote Explained:  The Story of an Unconventional Hero, analyzes a legendary classic from a fresh and significant perspective. This, in my view, is what distinguishes, and, indeed, justifies, my study of a 412 year old book.  

Several features motivated me to write Don Quixote Explained:  The Story of an Unconventional Hero.  During my undergraduate and graduate studies what fascinated me most about Don Quixote was its depth and sophistication in giving very significant messages to its readers, which continue to have a great deal of relevance to people’s lives in today’s world.  For this reason I devoted considerable time, effort, and energy to Don Quixote, both formally and informally, in and out of academia.  I studied the novel for meaning, scrutinized books of literary theory, examined journal articles of literary criticism, read detailed study guides, read doctoral dissertations and master's theses, viewed DVDs about Cervantes’s life, researched Wikipedia and encyclopedia Britannica internet entries, and, in brief, drew on material presented in a variety of undergraduate survey courses and graduate literary seminars.  This focused study of Don Quixote, in turn, coupled with all of my original research on the novel, enabled me to analyze Cervantes the man, Don Quixote the book, and the philosophy behind both in relatively simple terms.

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"An Erudite Examination Of The Themes And Ideas In Don Quixote. I Thoroughly Enjoyed The Writing And Exposition Of This Well-Reasoned Critique. Buy It And Study It." (Gerald J. Davis, Author Of Don Quixote, The New Translation) 


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